Chaotic Creations FX studios
Welcome to
Chaotic Creations FX Studios
New store front panned to open this spring 2014
7341 Red Arrow Hwy Watervliet  MI 49098
Providing the best FX supplies available on the market.
We are not your Halloween box store were they carry the same stuff they have
had for the past 10yrs. Our goal is to show you things you have never seen
  • Unique limited production Pieces
  • FX materials and makeup supplies
  • Education and tech support
  • We've been sculpting and mold making since 1994
  • (269) 325 7666
Chaotic Creations FX studio's Provides limited production original pieces to
haunted attractions and individuals.  Custom design work for low budget films
and prototyping services for any industry. It you can think it we can make it.
Providing uniques Latex and silicone masks, props,  puppets, make up
supplies,air brush makeups, prothetics, and exclusive premium blood paint.and
a resource for Clay, Ultra cal 30 (plaster), and slip cast mask latex. Even medical
models and skeletons.
Chaotic creations FX studio's provides an exclusive line of tools and products.
We also carry raw materials and provide education and tech support for those
interested in Creating their own creatures. We can design and build almost
anything and are willing to work with in the boundaries of most budgets.
Although primarily we tend to produce monsters, we have done prototyping for
many industries and have ran production for other studios. We are happy to
assist you with your production and design needs.
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