Halloween doesn’t have to be right around the corner to go on the hunt for the perfect mask. Whether you’re in the visual effects world, a comic convention attendee, or you love to go all-out for Halloween, partial face prosthetics take time and require alot of work. Instead, high quality masks can make all the difference when polishing off your look with ease. Whether you’re putting together a costume for yourself or creating a creature for your next production, our high quality masks are a great place to start. Our latex masks come pre-painted so they are ready to go straight away. Chaotic Creations picks out the best masks on the market along with a few of our own exclusive designs. We sort through and make sure what we sell is high quality latex, so they can hold up to multiple uses rather than tearing or falling apart in the course of a single use. These aren’t your typical, flimsy Halloween store masks. Our selection consists of only high quality masks designed to make an impact. Want to know more? Explore our range of horror SFX masks, or contact the Chaotic Creations team with any questions you might have!

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