Have you ever wanted to be someone (or something) else, just for a day, a week, a month? That’s why so many of us get into creature creation, professional makeup, prop building, and production effects as a whole. When your creature creations need to speak and emote for audiences, a face-covering mask can often hinder the production, no matter how amazing your creation looks. If you need to create otherworldly, outlandish, and imaginative characters that can speak naturally and show film-worthy expressions, try partial prosthetics in place of a face-obscuring mask. These allow more of an actor’s natural expressions to show through without distorting your character. Undoubtedly, you’ve see the over-exaggerated witch’s nose and chin, or the subtle bit of fantasy that elf ears can add to a character. But, prosthetic mask pieces are more than just false noses and chins. A half-face prosthetic mask can create a humanoid cat, or a full-face prosthetic can turn a young person old for the day. Whatever the effect, Chaotic Creations has the full, half, and partial prosthetic mask pieces to help you easily and naturally create your characters. And, because they’re made from high-quality foam latex, they will hold up to multiple uses. Explore our selection to start creating!

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