When you need to set the scene for your film, play, or even your annual haunted house, the props you find are what will truly set the scene. When you’re creating a scene, every little detail adds up to not only decorate the physical space, but to create a mood and encourage any viewer to suspend their disbelief and enjoy the show more deeply. When you’re trying to set the scene and increase the feeling of unease or suspense, a lamp missing the lampshade isn’t usually going to be a big enough detail. No matter what your project, Chaotic Creations has the tools and props to help you set the scene and add those creepy details that will leave viewers feeling an appropriately suspenseful mood. Take it further than simply splashing some blood paint up the walls. Add a corpse head chandelier or a ceiling fan made from skulls and bones for an appropriately spooky, haunted feeling. Explore our available props, and be sure to check back for new options regularly. Don’t forget to get our specially formulated blood paint to further enhance your spooky settings, or try your hand at prop making for yourself with our gelatin, latex, and other prop materials.

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