When we say we sell puppets, we’re not talking about the flimsy hand puppets you made from a brown paper bag back in first grade. Chaos Creations’ puppets are professional, movie-quality horror puppets made here in the U.S.A. by our team. Also carry a Few of the best production licensed characters (not made by us or in the USA). For example, if you’re a big fan of the cult classic movie Gremlins, we make it so you can bring Gizmo home to hang out with your family. Or would you rather have a Mongolian Death Worm take up residence in the upstairs room? You may relate the Mongolian Deathworm myth to such films as Dune, Tremors, Beatlejuice. After all, giant sand worms, and graboyds are all derived from the Mongolian deathworm legend. Chaotic Creations makes professional-grade horror puppets so you can bring your favorites home or feature in your haunted attraction. Ours aren’t just any standard horror puppets either; our horror puppets are made from quality latex Or hand built foam fabrications, so they are sculpted and painted with fine detailing (and come with fur, when applicable). We model our horror puppets for impact, with all the quality that comes with it. Whether you’re putting together the best haunted house in town or searching for a great gift, our quality horror puppets are a fun and lasting option. Check out the Chaotic Creations horror puppet selection below and bring home a life-sized Mangaloid, a critter puppet, and other well-loved creatures!

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