When you create a character, every detail adds up to create the whole. Facial prosthetics, body paint, fake wounds, artificial limbs—each component gives life to the creatures and characters your create. In order to create more real, believable characters, it’s important you don’t skip over a single detail. After all, your zombie would look a bit ridiculous with fresh white shoes when everything else is dirt smudged. Help your characters set the mood with the appropriate dental distortions. If you don’t have the time or the budget to cast and sculpt sets of creature teeth for every character, try Chaotic Creations’ movie-quality production teeth. Our range of dental distortions will help you create the finishing touches for your vampire, zombie, water monster, or any other character. Just think of it: fake blood looks much more sinister dripping from a set of appropriately pointy teeth than it does from the standard set of human chompers. These aren’t one time use fake teeth, either. Chaotic Creations’ dental distortions are made from quality materials and painted to give a realistic look despite the fantasy features. Explore our extensive array of movie-quality dental distortions so you can complete your creatures and set the appropriate mood!

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