Creature and prop creation should be a fun and creative venture. With the right selection of props, prosthetics, masks, and makeup, the effects in your mind can become reality. But, while those pre-made latex prosthetics can be a great starting point for your creations, those handy pieces can also inhibit your creativity. When that happens, start from scratch to build bigger and better props and prosthetics. Chaotic Creations stocks a range of prop materials, so you don’t have to spend hours finding the right mixtures. Browse our online prop materials selection for things like Ultra Cal 30, gelatin, latex, and even the brushes and other supplies to make your own FX pieces. The Chaotic Creations team makes our own specialty blends, so you can get creating more easily. Shop our proprietary mixtures, including mask and prop latex, a gelatin starter kit, and our best selling blood paint mixture. We’ve taken the time to find the right balance of ingredients for each of our different prop materials so you don’t have to. For example, our rich mask and prop latex is perfect for making high quality masks, horror puppets, and other professional-level props. Explore our prop materials online and get creating!

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