If you’ve attempted to build up props or prosthetics from scratch before, you have probably experienced just how difficult it can be to shape and sculpt your prop materials into the shape you see in your mind. Unfortunately, it’s not generally feasible to use your own facial structure or limbs to build props around—and most friends don’t want to stand still long enough to be your prop model. When you need a bit of help modeling your props and prosthetics, start with a model who won’t walk away on you. Chaotic Creations’ prop skeletons aren’t just Halloween haunted house decor. Grab a full-sized human skeleton model to help you get a better idea of size and scale when creating props—and don’t worry about your model moving away on you. Better yet, have you ever wished you could just take off an arm or a leg to model things? With a skeletal model, you can! Or, for help developing masks and facial prosthetics, get a full-sized medical-style pvc skull that allows you to reference every line and plane of the human skull. Get more than a simple prop skeleton; shop Chaotic Creations for realistic skeletal models to help your FX craft grow.

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