Pros-aide Original adhesive




Most common adhesive use in special effects makeup. Pros-aide adhesive is a medical grade pressure bonding adhesive, that is skin safe. Simple place some on prosthetic and skin and allow to tac up. Press together for a strong bond. Requires a remover such as pros-aide remover, isopropyl myristate ,  isopropyl alcohol, or new Chameleon soap. Pros aide is also the main ingredient use in Pax paint. Pax was developed by legendary artist and godfather of modern special effects make up as it is today, Mr. Dick smith. Pros-aide can also be frozen to make wound transfers as developed by Christian Tensley. The process of making Pros-aide transfers is covered In the Monstrous Make up Manual book one.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Bottle Size

2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32oz, 1 gal


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