Chaotic Creation’s Ultimate Blood Paint




This is a flexible translucent suspension blood paint. It can be used on almost any material as a permanent paint that never dulls or loses it’s shine. The fact that it is a suspension allows it to smear and pool to act like blood. When it is dry it is completely water proof with absolutely no after bleed. It drys fairly quickly and what you see putting it on is what you will have for years. Great for latex masks, props, clothing, plastic, metal and wood. Can be thinned with water and airbrushed in thin coats to even build up on silicone. It is however not permanent as a silicone paint and will separate if is something that flexes like a mask. Still works well on static silicone props or displays. You may add other water based acrylics or inks to manipulate the color. Sold as a bright, glossy fresh blood color. Appears wet when dry. Mix well before using.

The one the only Chaotic Creations Ultimate blood paint designed in 2007 still holding strong

No leeching, fast drying, Color stay bright and shiny for years, works on just about every material. Everything a blood paint should be.

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